In Enercon, we believe that the mark of a truly great organization is its people

We embrace and promote our core values of Pride and Passion, Excellence, Optimism, Precision, Leadership, and Education. We bring these core values to our partnerships, our interactions with our stakeholders, and our teamwork with our business partner




  • foster an environment where individual initiative and accomplishments are valued in a team setting
  • continuously improve and grow as an organization and as individuals in all that we do
  • deliver customer satisfaction as dependable and reliable partners
  • provide a workplace that creates spirit, energy, and respect as employees participate in reaching our mutual goals

















PT ENERCON Equipment Company is a progressive company with a clear vison of the future.


PT Enercon Equipment Company is a privately owned company and as such we naturally regard certain commercially sensitive information as confidential. PT Enercon Equipment Company is totally self funding and trades from a substantial credit balance at the bank. There are no silent partners, venture capitalists or parent company.












We provide a total solution which will effortlessly address some of the most challenging issues on waste energy


Our team of engineers are fully trainedand equipped to conduct an inspection of your plants and identify the potential for energy savings


Identification  &  Energy Assessment


Using a high technology analyzer equipments identify all areas where improvements can be made including opportunities for energy savings, reduce maintenance costs & reduction of production down time



Survey  Report


Provide a comprehensive Survey Report highlighting the existing levels of efficiency and any potential problems and solution maintenance





Submit a proposal that will focus on practical solutions with detailed cost and benefits analyses demonstrating the project’ economic viability







a  management  team  with decades  of  practical experiences












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Filtration Services
  • Air Audit - Detailed analysis with optimization action plan
  • Air flow measurement  
  • Air Performance -Optimization of compressed air networks
  • Air Survey-Analysis of compressed air systems
  • Condensate sampling
  • Dew point measurement
  • Differential pressure measurement